Pamukkale: A Mesmerising Beauty Sculpted by Nature

There’s a natural wonder in the Inner Aegean region of Turkey that can tempt you to take off your clothes and enjoy a refreshing bath in the lap of nature. Any idea what it is? Okay, let’s give you another hint. It is located below the ancient Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis. Still haven’t figured it out? Now, if you’ve explored Turkey well enough before, you’ll know what we’re talking about here. Yes, it is the Pamukkale. The name literally translates as ‘cotton castle’ in the Turkish language and it would give you a slight hint about the kind of beauty that it is. 


These travertine terraces were formed by the hot springs that resulted from the earthquakes triggered by the tectonic movements in the region more than 10,000 years ago. A form of limestone, travertine was carried by hot waters and deposited at the mouth of the spring, creating amazing terraced structures. The source of Pamukkale’s hot springs lies on a fault line of western Anatolia, where they are warmed to temperatures reaching about 36-Degree Celsius by the subterranean heat. 


The present 

Pamukkale is currently one of the globally renowned tourist attractions of Turkey and was recognized together with Hierapolis as a World Heritage Site in the year 1988. As the hotels built around these white terraces in the 1960s were draining water from the hot springs into their swimming pools and causing damage to these magnificent natural structures, they were demolished by the authorities later on. So, today, you cannot access the most beautiful travertine terraces, but you can certainly dip your feet in the shallow pools by removing your footwear and following a set pathway. 

How to reach Pamukkale 

From Istanbul, you can take a bus to Denizli city and catch a minibus from there to Pamukkale. If you’re in the town of Selcuk, you can travel cheaper and in the most reliable way by taking a train to Denizli. Once you’re in this city, you can take a minibus from the Otogar bus station. If you are in the Cappadocia region, you can take an overnight bus to the Denizli city. After you reach the city, you very well know what to do next, right? Absolutely right! Take a minibus from Otogar.  


Best time to be there 

Tourists visiting Turkey are absolutely crazy about this attraction. So, it’s quite obvious that there are lots of them visiting Pamukkale every year. If you truly want to enjoy a memorable visit to these travertine terraces minus the crowds, stay at any of the places nearby for a night. The following morning, you can visit the site before the day-trippers arrive, which generally won’t happen until noon.  

We hope you’ve enjoyed this piece on Pamukkale. There are a lot more attractions around the world to be explored. So, stay with Travelofyd and keep discovering! 

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