Travelofyd’s Privacy Policy


1. The website is also referred to as the ‘site’, ‘Travelofyd’, or the ‘website’ in this section.
2. By using this site, you are implying your acceptance of Travelofyd’s Privacy Policy and its terms.
3. All efforts are made by this website and its author to make sure that the information collected from you does not cause any infringement of your right to privacy. The purpose of the site’s Privacy Policy section is to give you complete information about how the website collects and uses personal information and its use of cookies.
4. Travelofyd will not collect your personal information unless you provide it on your own. This information will only be used for the purpose to which you have given your consent. You will not be asked to provide any data other than that which is required for enabling you to improve the website and participate in its activities.
5. Your personal information would not be disclosed to third parties, unless it is required by the law in case of an investigation by the governmental agencies. In rare cases, Travelofyd may have to, but you would be informed of its intention and asked for permission to go ahead with the disclosure.
6. The site does not maintain any personal information in a retrievable form, which is obtained from the users.
7. Travelofyd may collect your personal information through newsletter subscriptions, your purchase of any products that may be offered through the website, open forums, your comment on the website’s articles, or the contact form of the site when you submit an enquiry or feedback.
8. This website provides links to third party websites. If you submit your personal information on any of the social media channels or the third party websites by clicking on the advertisements or links given on any part of this website, you would be bound by the Privacy Policy of those third party websites or social media sites and not of Travelofyd.
9. All the necessary efforts are taken by Travelofyd to prevent the instances of hacking and virus attacks. However, websites are still prone to such problems, no matter how strong their security features are. Travelofyd or its author would not be liable for any damages or losses caused to the users in the event of the site getting hacked or infected by a virus.

Cookie Policy

1. This website may use cookies to improve the user experience. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your desktop or mobile device by the sites that you visit. These files do not cause any harm to your computer or mobile device and do not provide us any information about you. Cookies enable websites to recognize your computer or phone and identify certain information that are non-personal in nature, such as which browser you use.
2. Data collected in such manner by the cookies are not used by the site to collect your personal information, which you can provide in several other ways.
3. By continuing to use the website, you are implying that you have gone through Travelofyd’s cookie policy and allowed us to store cookies on your computer or mobile device.
4. Some parts of this website may involve cookies that are used by a third party website on your computer or mobile device. The third party websites include the social media sites or the sites of advertisers whose links are provided on this website. Travelofyd and its author does not have any control over these cookies. It is, therefore, your responsibility to go through the cookie policy of such websites for more information about their use of cookies and how you can manage them.
5. For using this site in the best possible way, your device must be set to accept cookies. If your device is not set in this manner, some of the features of this site may not work on your computer or mobile device.
6. If you wish to restrict, block, or disable the cookies used by Travelofyd, you can change the settings of your browser. Visit for detailed information on cookies and their settings on different browsers.

If you have any queries about the Privacy Policy of this website, you can send them to us by filling and submitting the contact form given on the ‘Contact Travelofyd’ page.