Things to Do Before Going on Your Vacation

Feeling excited about your much-awaited vacation? Of course, you should be! After all, it’s not everyday that you get to escape your daily grind and be in a desirable travel destination. But wait! Have you done everything necessary to enjoy your sojourn without any worries? Think again. If you haven’t, it’s time you did what’s required to be absolutely relaxed during your time spent in the destination of your choice.

1. Get your work commitments sorted

You definitely won’t like your boss or your client reprimanding you after your vacation for not getting the work done before leaving. Even worse would be the situation where you are reprimanded on the phone while having a wonderful time in your desired place. So, to avoid such situations, finish off your tasks well in advance before embarking on your journey. Set your mail for an auto-reply to keep everyone informed that you’re on leave.

2. Buy all the essential items

Before you begin packing, go shopping! Sounds exciting, isn’t it? Hit the supermarket and load your shopping cart with everything you think would be needed while on your vacation. It would be great if you prepare a list of items before you go shopping. You’ll not have to worry about forgetting something if you’ve got a complete list of things to be purchased for your journey.


3. Pay your bills

How would you feel when you remember, all of a sudden, that you haven’t paid some or all of your bills on time? Obviously, all the excitement and fun would disappear at an instant and you’ll begin to worry about all those late fees and penalties. Why spoil the fun when you can pay every single bill in advance or set up an auto-debit on your account? Be smart. Don’t let the thoughts of bills give you sleepless nights during your trip.

4. Make copies of your important documents

We have to be prepared for some unforeseen situations. What if your passport or visa gets misplaced or stolen? What if you have to produce copies of your key travel documents the moment you’re asked for it in the distant land you’re in? It is always a wise move to keep some copies of your documents. You can make their photocopies and even have their images stored on your phone or a USB drive.

5. Pack the necessary stuff first

Sometimes, we forget to pack certain things that could be among the ones that we require the most for our trip. Considering this, it would be a good idea to pack in the most-needed things first and then the lesser important ones. Of course, the spendthrifts won’t mind forgetting things, as it would give them an opportunity to get more.

6. Clean up your home

None of us would like to return home after having a pleasant vacation and be welcomed by a strong, unpleasant smell coming from the stuff that was not cleaned before leaving the house. Among the smelliest things would be the unlaundered clothes and sheets. It is, therefore, absolutely necessary to get all the laundry done and the entire house cleaned before you leave for your journey.

7. Charge your electronic gadgets

Imagine you’re on your way to the airport and you realize that you haven’t got enough charge on your phone. How frustrating it would be! You certainly need to keep your phone battery fully charged to be able to make or receive calls during your journey. So, charge your phone and your power bank fully before leaving. After all, no one likes to miss a single call, especially when going on a long vacation.


8. Switch off everything at home

Everyone likes to have some savings at the end of the month and the best way to save more is to reduce unnecessary wastages. Leaving your electronic appliances, such as a refrigerator on while you’re vacationing in your favorite destination would certainly add more to your bill at the end of the month. In order to prevent some unpleasant surprises, turn off every single switch at home and unplug the electronic appliances before you pick your bags and leave for the trip.

9. Keep duplicate keys with someone you trust

Those who’ve lost their house keys during their trip can understand how depressing it feels. What follows later is quite a worrisome scenario to imagine. You can save yourself from these troubles by keeping the duplicate keys of your house with someone you absolutely trust, such as your parents, children, siblings, or in-laws.

10. Inform your trustworthy neighbors

When you’re on your vacation, it would be great if you have someone to keep an eye on your house. If you’re on good terms with your neighbors, you can request them to watch over your house while you’re away. Upon doing so, they’ll be alert to any suspicious activity in or around your house and take the necessary action. If you share a close bond with them, they can also carry out certain activities for you, such as watering the plants and trimming the grass in your lawn.


11. Do a final check

Just before leaving your house, you can go through everything listed above once again and make sure you’ve done everything necessary to keep your house safe and to have a hassle-free vacation. You can also make your own checklist well in advance on a sheet of paper or go through everything mentally to check whether you’ve left out anything.

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