Travelofyd Wishes Everyone a Very Happy New Year

Hello everyone! We’ll begin by wishing all of you a very happy New Year. Can’t believe 2018 passed so soon, right? Even we are in awe of the pace at which time is moving. So, here we are, in 2019, raring to explore some new destinations of the world. We’re quite intrigued by the findings of a recent survey that was conducted by one of the leading travel agencies in the world. It pointed out to the fact that the year 2019 would see travelers becoming more vocal about their travel preferences as technology takes over the major aspects of booking, be it flights, hotels, or car rentals.

Tour operators are getting all forms of requests from travelers for personalized services. By now, everyone’s quite familiar with the web check-in process that empowers the passengers to reserve their preferred seats. Many tourists are now demanding specific hotel room numbers for their accommodation and particular types of car rentals. The travel companies have also noticed an increasing trend of pre-arranged meals, restaurant reservations, pre-ordering of wine. Such trends indicate a desire among today’s travelers for more personalization.

You may ask what exactly the reasons behind such demands are. Well, one of the major reasons we can think of at the moment is an overwhelming influence that social media has on people today. If one particular travel agency comes up with a personalized service, the news spreads like a wildfire on the social media networks. Another big factor that’s driving such never-seen-before demands is an increased competition. In the past few years, many new tour operators have come up in various parts of the world, which has forced the existing players to reduce the travel costs and come up with innovative ways to please their customers.

Nevertheless, the travel industry is apparently witnessing a major transformation. In the days to come, we can expect many such personalized services. Some may seem quite realistic; a few others may be too weird. But, in the end, it would benefit travelers and bring the best out of the travel agencies and tour operators. And we at Travelofyd are always excited about the changes that are happening or waiting to happen in the world of travel. So, we’ll continue to bring you the latest stories, hottest destinations, and some really cool travel tips.

Stay connected, and enjoy the journey!

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